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    How can I know the model of my Aisoy?

    There are currently three models of aisoy1 on the market, and it may happen you are not sure which one you have.

    Two of them have a raspberryPi attached on its back, what we name raspjet:

    Other older version that doesn’t use raspberryPi are:


    I switched on the robot for the first time, now what?

    First of all, you have to connect the robot to your local network. Follow the following topic “How can I configure the network of my Aisoy?”. Then you are ready to use your Aisoy. Follow the user guide to know all you can do..


    How can I configure the network of my Aisoy?

    You can connect your aisoy to your network in two different ways:

    • Wirelessly: If it is the first time you switch on your robot, he will create its own WiFi network so you can connect to it and do the first configuration. Using your computer or a mobile device connect to the network aisoyAP, using the password aisoy1v4, then get into the botserver, go on the network tab, select your network and introduce the password, save it and reboot.

    • Using an ethernet cable: connect your robot to your router using an ethernet cable. Reboot your robot and it will take automatically an ip address.


    What is it an ip address?

    When you connect your robot to a network, it takes an ip address, that is an identificator that lets him communicate with the network, and so use services as Scratch, Blockly, etc… Normally the ip address will appear on your robot’s mouth. It is a number like, for example. At Aisoy Robotics we like to make your life easier, so we use a method to let you use your robot’s name, instead of using this large and meaningless number. When Scratch or Blockly ask you for your robot’s ip address you can use your robot’s name plus .local. Normally, it will be aisoy1.local. If you changed your robot’s name for instance to bot, you will use bot.local instead.


    How can I get into the botserver?

    To get into the botserver, once your robot is connected to you local network, type the ip address shown in you robot’s mouth on you web browser and the botserver will appear. You can also type aisoy1.local, or the name of your robot followed by .local. All this process is explained in detail in the user guide.


    What is the username and password to get into the botserver?

    The user name is aisoy and password aisoy1.


    Is it necessary to register my Aisoy?

    For the moment is not necessary to register your robot. You will be able to use all the functionalities avoiding this step.


    How can I update my Aisoy?

    Just get into the botserver and click on “update your Aisoy1”


    How can I get into the robot by ssh?

    Using ssh, you can get into the robot and perform some actions you wouldn’t be able to do in another way. This is only recommended to be done by advanced user.

    If using Linux or Mac:

    write in a terminal ssh pi@yourrobotipaddres, e.g. ssh pi@

    then type the password: raspberry

    If you are a Windows user, you can use some external programs, like putty.


    What I have to do to use Scratch?

    If you have an Aisoy1 v4, please, visit the next link (page 7 of PDF manual):


    On page 7 you will find a guide to connect your Aisoy1 to the Scratch editor.

    If your Aisoy1 is on version 3 (v3), visit the next link:



    How can I program my Aisoy using C++ or python?

    If you have an Aisoy1v3, you can program your robot using C++ or python. There’re many documents explaining how on zendesk. If you have a new aisoy1v4, we’re currently developing and improving the new version of the SDK, so you will have very soon these two options available to program your Aisoy.


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